we are the expert providers in pool painting techniques

Painting your pool is one of the most cost-effective ways to restore it to its former glory.

we’re the experts in pool painting Service and deliver a professional pool makeover. We provide professional pool painting services for both residential and commercial pools using high grade quality products designed to protect the lifespan of your pool coating. All of our pool painting projects produce stunning results, and our customers are always satisfied with the transformation we produce.

If you’re thinking about giving your pool a fresh coat of paint, speak to us.

Precise pool painting 

There’s more to painting a swimming pool than you might think.

In order to correctly paint a pool, you must have a thorough understanding of all the processes that are involved. Typically, our team will perform a surface preparation, which involves grinding back any loose or flaking paint to reveal a smooth surface. We then acid etch the surface, use a heavy-duty detergent to wash the surface and apply the two coats of paint, before leaving the pool to cure for a period of few days. After a few days, your swimming pool is refilled with water and you’re able to swim in your clean, freshly painted pool whenever you please!